Pre-compression Shears

Moros Scrap Shear H-V

Moros H-V Scrap Shear

The H-V inclined shear is a compact machine that can still work with very long scrap objects.

Moros Scrap Shear H-M

Moros H-M Scrap Shear

The H-M range of scrap shears have been specially designed to process long scrap like bars and pipes.

Moros Scrap Shear H-G 700 "Piranha"

Moros H-G "Piranha" Scrap Shear

The Moros HG700 'Piranha' is the ideal scrap shear for economical scrap processing.

Moros H-S Mobile Scrap Shear

Moros H-S Mobile Scrap Shear

Perfect for frequent travel, this mobile machine is self-supporting and needs no trailer.

Moros Scrap Shear MT-Z

Moros Scrap Shear MT-Z

The Moros MT-Z is a ruggedly-designed, simple, electro-mechanical machine that literally pulls apart, tears and shears materials.

Moros Scrap Shear H-P

Moros H-P Scrap Shear

A heavy duty scrap shear with side compression and adjustable angle system, the H-P range can compress bulky scrap that no other shear on the market can process.

Moros Scrap Shear H-B

Moros H-B Scrap Shear

Offering maximum versatility, the Moros H-B range is the latest development in the MOROS lateral precompression shear range.

Moros Scrap Shear H-A

Moros H-A Scrap Shear

The versatile H-A range of stationary scrap shears are well known for their durable reinforced structure and ability to work with almost every material.

Moros H-A-B Mobile Scrap Shear

Moros H-A-B Mobile Scrap Shear

This portable machine has the same structural design and features of the stationary Moros H-A Scrap Shear. It also inherits all the state of the art hydraulics and electronics that have made the H-A range a benchmark in the market for reliability and efficiency.

Exclusive MOROS precompression wing design

Moros H-A-B Mobile Scrap Shear's unique wing design