Moros GC-V Baler

This unjammable high density baler provides less production capacity than the G-CS, but the same high quality output.

The GC-V range was created to meet the market need for a high density range with lower production ranges than the GC-S. The GC-V also incorporates all the advantages of vertical cutting with the second compression. Like the GC-S  range, these machines are unjammable, with very big loading boxes and high cutting force for excess material.

Unjammable by design

The cutting is done vertically with the second compression and instead of a fixed bridge of blades, there is a V-shaped guillotine system. This design virtually eliminates unscheduled downtime. Due to the absence of the fixed bridge of blades, the loading area is bigger since it can use the last compression box. In addition, the cutting force is much higher (90% of the final compression force) because it is done with the second compression instead of the first one (50% of the last compression force).

High density bales and high production ranges

It incorporates the latest innovations in electronics and filtering, reducing maintenance stops. The latest trends in hydraulics allow very short baling cycles with minimum energy consumption. Submerged pumps reduce noise emissions.

Technical information: 
Compression force (tons)210 / 280 / 310 / 550
Loading boxes (Metres)300x300 / 400x400 / 400x600 / 600x600
Engine power (hp)2 to 75HP / 2 to 100HP / 2-3 to 125HP
Recycling Type: