RadComm RC2+ Portable Radiation Detector

Zero in on a potential radioactive source quickly and more effectively with an RC2+.
  • Improved sensitivity and greater response.
  • Easy to use.
  • Larger high definition display with multiple languages.
  • Lightweight with longer battery life.
  • RC2+is available in two versions; Basic with Total Count version or the Advanced ROI Analysis versions.

Updated Design with Advanced Features

The Basic RC2+ automatically sets an alarm threshold over the total background count rate average upon each startup. This allows the RC2+ to detect very low radiation levels even when hidden by shielding such as scrap metal, waste, or other dense material. The RC2+ utilizes a large internal, high grade PVT scintillator to maximize sensitivity.

The Advanced RC2+utilizes both a PVT scintillator and a Geiger-Mueller tube to perform “Region Of Interest” (ROI) Analysis which allows the operator to see the distributed gamma energies in a histogram form. Once the ROI ranges are selected, a specifi c alarm threshold can be set for each ROI. This unique technology dramatically increases sensitivity while decreasing the adverse effects of “noise” caused by ambient background radiation. The RC2+provides many additional features such as Does Rate Alarm, Data Storage, and Graph Plotting.

Upgradable for Increased Flexibility

At any time the RC2+ Basic can be easily upgraded to the RC2+ Advanced. The RC2+ Advanced stores operator results in a histogram record which can be downloaded via USB to RadComm’s PC software for further analysis. All Reports can be saved in PDF format and archived for future reference. Remote servicing/diagnostics and potential future software updates of the RC2+ can be achieved via an internet or network connection with RadComm’s software application.

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